With a great interest in building a quality of band saw, Siam Splendid Steel Company had a valuable experience by participating in the demonstration, carried by J&T Welding Supply Company on 9th July 2019. The core of this experiment is to detect the imperfection of welding point on the band saw through two methods: Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Penetrant Testing (PT) is an international standard that is widely applied to examine the defect in fusion-welded. To be more detailed, this method is able to identify various flaws on the metal, including surface-breaking, inclusion, micro cracks, gas pore, surface pore, etc. It is very useful as these blemishes are so tiny such that human are unable to detect.

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) refers to the magnetic leakage field that it magnetizes the steel and examines the incompletion in both surface and inside level. This method mostly tests the medium to large size of metal, such as pipe, tank, and etc.

Finally, on behalf of the Siam Splendid Steel Company, we are very much appreciated to the J&T Welding Supply Company and engineers regarding the new lessons, great effort and demonstration, and hospitality.

Thanwisit Siripenporn
11th July 2019